The advantages of electrolytic galvanisation;
The electrolytic galvanisation of your products offers many advantages. The most important we have listed below for you.
  • Rust formation is counteracted by the high degree of corrosion resistance.
  • The applied zinc layer is thin, so you do not have to take thick layers into account in your measurements.
  • Also complicated shapes (construction work) can be galvanized;
  • The steel base remains cold: the original shape is retained, there is no deformation compared to hot-dip galvanisation;
  • The surface of the zinc layer is smooth and optically beautiful;
  • The electrolytic galvanizing is an excellent basis for duplex systems (as a basis for powder coating or wet coating systems), damaged the lacquer / powder coating layer then the zinc layer gives additional protection;
  • Chemical after-treatment (passivation) contributes to an additional corrosion of the zinc;
  • Your materials can be bent after the process without letting go of the zinc layer or damaged.

Production possibilities; 
  • Drum series, for all your bulk and smaller materials
  • Hang string up to 7300mm, for heavy and long parts and for complex parts
Galvanisation is possible with or without topcoat.


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