History and heritage

In 1953, the foundation for the current Verzinkerij Twente B.V. was laid in the village of St. Isodorushoeve (near Hengelo Ov.). In the early stages, the two founders of our company in the fifties carried each tube piece by piece through the then small process trays. Because they did not find it fast enough, they quickly experimented with four tubes on each hand. Then it became clear that this should be possible in a more efficient way, and so something was gradually devised to hang up the tubes.
In the early 1960s, a new location at the port in Hengelo was involved. But due to increasing business growth in the late 1970s, a new move to a larger location on the Beitelstraat in Hengelo became necessary. At this location it became possible to enlarge the process baths of this so-called hang series to a length of 6000 mm as one of the first electrolytic galvanizing plants.
In addition, a second production line, the automatic drum line, was purchased in 1992. This broadened the range and Verzinkerij Twente was able to take care of parts, including galvanizing bolts, nuts, chain links and other small parts.
At the end of the nineties, this location also proved to be not advanced and more spacious enough for the future and so in 2002 the new building of the current building on the Edisonstraat in Almelo was started.
The latest development in the existence of Verzinkerij Twente B.V. took place in 2015, namely the placement of the Zink-nickel hang series. With a length of 3400mm these are the largest baths that our country knows.
A further explanation of the various production lines can be found on the products page.
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